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Quinn McCabe provides the following services:
  1. Entity formation and preparation of organizational agreements, such as operating, shareholder and partnership agreements

  2. Assistance and counseling with respect to the creation of an effective project team structure and selecting the most appropriate project-delivery method

  3. Identification and selection of appropriate and qualified project team members

  4. Preparation and negotiation of project agreements with construction and design team members, including construction management and general contractor agreements and agreements with architects and engineers and other project contractors and consultants

  5. Legal counseling and risk management from project conception through post-completion

  6. Resolution of issues and disputes relating to neighboring properties

  7. Preparation and negotiation of license agreements with adjoining property owners to allow for access as needed for project construction, including access for surveys, monitoring, temporary protections, waterproofing, underpinning and other temporary and permanent placements

  8. Commencement and prosecution of legal actions seeking court ordered access to adjacent properties as needed for project construction

  9. Representation in connection with project-related claims, including those relating to alleged design errors and omissions, defective construction, payment disputes and bond and warranty claims, through effective representation in the context of negotiations, mediations, litigations and arbitrations

  10. General counsel and employment-related services, including advice, counseling and representation for legal matters and disputes with employees, consultants or vendors

  11. Representation in connection with ownership transition, mergers and acquisitions and business dissolution